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Being a Journalist is all about Sharing the Truth

Journalism is a virtuous and honorable profession. The first and principal requirement of The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics is "to seek truth and report it." It is their duty to discover the truth and share it with the public. Even though we are living in a corrupted world filled with lies, still journalists need, to be honest, stouthearted and assertive when they are gathering, reporting or interpreting certain news or information. When Joel Landau found his spotlight, he immediately knew that nothing can hold him back from it. However, some journalists don't necessarily strive to seek out to truth, regardless whether it is for their own personal gain, usually financial, or because they are reluctant to dig deep because of fear of the consequences. For Landau, and probably for many others, this is one of the best parts about this occupation.


Sharing the truth


Studying source journalism can provide you with plenty of career opportunities in newspapers, magazines, social media, television, radio, Internet multimedia, corporate and community journalism, from which you can choose from. Once you complete your formal education, you need to develop and enhance your understanding of the global field of journalism, since it is a must for every journalist. This includes learning the ethical standards and best practices that are needed for the process of newsgathering and compiling a news report. Such processes usually require peer-to-peer feedback, issue investigation, and active projects. Joel Landau, one of America's leading news respondents, loves being a journalist and has never doubted his choice to pursue a career in media.


Apart from seeking out the truth, Landau loves being a journalist because it allows him to see what's behind the scene, he gets to find out things by talking with all kinds of people and attending meetings that are usually closed to the public. All of these helps him form his own firm opinion and see the whole picture, and not just the filtered, refined result. Being a journalist comes with a number of perks such as being able to interview or talk with speakers and get first-hand information that others may never hear about, meet incredible people and be invited to exclusive events that are only for a selected group of people.