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Joel Landau with New Resolutions

As an established and experienced reporter, Joel Landau was covering breaking news story even in the days before the Internet frenzy. But as time changed, so did he, and nowadays his main focus is YouTube and other viral videos and stories. Pushing the envelope with his coverage, Landau soon gained praise and respect from some of the most respected editors. Landau was able to build this modest success by taking a careful approach to the craft of writing. For him, it is all about the quality of the service he provides, and for that, he needed a well-developed approach that works best for him, helps him stay focused and doesn't allow any distractions to interfere with his writing.


In Joel Landau’s case, it was the desire for truth and his passion for writing that brought him to into journalism and made him the inspiring reporter that he is today. Known for his hard-charging manner in which he chases news stories, his career has included working for a number of professional newspapers and news site, and most recently as a reporter on YouTube and other viral videos. Landau has always been interested in newspaper reporting mostly because researching the truth is one of his biggest preoccupations. His ultimate goal is getting people educated and informed on various issues, and making a positive impact by helping the public be more informed, and thus more able to drew their own decisions.


For almost 20 years, Joel Landau has been recognized as an author, a newspaper reporter, but recently he made some new resolutions and decided to stretch his professional horizons by pulling himself out of his comfort zone and trying something new, fun and creative. Determined to delve into a new undertaking he started looking up interesting YouTube and other viral videos, and the more time he invested in it, the more he became involved, and that turned out to be one of the most professionally fulfilling undertakings of his life. Searching the internet and looking for those videos or stories has also been an adventure, and he assures it will be an even bigger adventure for those who will join him.

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